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Gambia govt. produces first-ever migration policy paper

The Gambia government has developed a new migration policy document, amid intensified efforts to curb illegal migration to Europe.It is reported to be the first-ever such government policy document produced on migration.

A statement by the Minister of the Interior, Mai Ahmad Fatty, seen by APA on Monday, said the national policy document was designed to help tackle the migration phenomenon. Fatty added that the policy is in line with the ideals of African solidarity, shared values, and production of the document was guided by the current frameworks of the continental Union on migration issues.

The Gambia government recently signed a joint agreement with the European Union and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), for the implementation of a 3.9 million euro project meant to reintegrate Gambian migrants who returned to the country.

The three-year project was created under the EU-IOM measures for the protection of migrants and reintegration in their respective countries of origin.

The deal is being funded by the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, and seeks to complement efforts of the Gambia government in handling the causes and consequences of illegal migration.

At least 1500 Gambian migrants have returned home mostly from Libya, where tens of Gambians have reportedly died while struggling to reach Europe through the Mediterranean sea.

The Gambia is said to have the largest number of migrants in West Africa, since the opening of the Libya route in 2011. At least 12,000 Gambians embarked on the journey in 2016 alone, according to an IOM report.

Minister Fatty renewed his call for a meaningful partnership between The Gambia and the EU to ensure a lasting solution to the problem.


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