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Ghana: Accra hosts international trade fair

As part of efforts to attract investment and showcase Ghana’s potential to the rest of the world, the Ghana Trade Fair Company in collaboration with the Trade and Industry Ministry will host a trade fair at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre in Accra, beginning on Wednesday.The event was scheduled for February 28 through March 7, 2018 and is expected to showcase the country’s potentials in agro-industry to the outside world and attract the needed investments.

It is also meant to provide an opportunity for Ghana’s finished products available for export to be showcased to the international community.

The objectives of the fair are to: Provide a doorway to Ghana’s Growing Markets; Promote Ghana’s non-oil exports; Promote development of Trade & Industry; Promote Made-in-Ghana goods & services; Promote Agric and agro-based Industry; Indicate suitable areas for foreign/local partnership; Stimulate a culture of entrepreneurship; and, Attract Foreign Direct Investment.

The fair is the 22nd in the history of Ghana, and offers a unique platform for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and users of wide range of goods and services.

It was designed to help the country achieve its target of re-branding itself internationally. Ghana is known for well-crafted artifacts, and it is expected that a wide range of products will be on display.

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