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Ghana: Press highlights call for review of ban on travels to Gulf States

The Ghanaian press on Thursday highlights the call on the government to consider lifting the ban placed on travels to the Gulf States.The Director of Migration Studies at the University of Ghana, Professor James Teye, who made the call urged the government to lift the ban on recruitment of labour to the Gulf States because it has not stopped the maltreatment of migrants in those countries.

The Ghanaian Times reports that he should rather advise the government to seek bilateral labour protection agreements with the popular destination countries to ensure the safety of migrants.

He observed that nearly two years after the ban, some people were still secretly being recruited to the states and this still has implications for the country.

Interacting with journalists during a youth seminar on migration in Accra, Prof. Teye said: “It is the responsibility to impose the ban, but we are of the view that it should have been a temporary solution, it has taken more than a year and that is not acceptable.”

He explained that when such migrations were well regulated, the nation stood the chance of earning some foreign exchange.

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