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Ghanaians mourn Kofi Annan

As it is the case for every Ghanaian funeral, some Ghanaian mourners who thronged the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) on Tuesday to pay their last respect to the former United Nations (UN) Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan, were disappointed that they could not see his body.The situation generated some sort of public debate, but the mourners filed past peacefully at the event.

The normal practice for such high public figure’s funeral is that his bodies is put on display for public viewing before the casket is closed for burial.

The public was informed through the information ministry that his body would be

opened to the public for viewing last week.

“The AICC is currently flooded with people from the country, continent and world at

large, hoping to see him for the last time, but the casket, wrapped in Ghanaian flag, prevents me from seeing him and this makes me sad,” John Agyenkwa Odoom told

APA on Tuesday.

A student at the conference centre, Fatima Muhammed, said: “I wanted to meet him for the first and last time, because he is an inspiration to many of us, who hope to work with multilateral organisations in future.”

The funeral activities would continue on Wednesday, while the final funeral rites would be performed Thursday.

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