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God gave me the power to rule Cameroon-Prophet Frank

As Presidential campaigns hit up ahead of Cameroon’s Presidential elections, candidates are crisscrossing the country convincing potential voters.

One of this year’s 2018 Presidential hopeful, Prophet Frankline Ndifor Afanwi, Candidate of the Cameroon National Citizens Movement (CNCM), says he has been sent by God to rule Cameroon.
Frankline Ndifor who is the Founder and Prophet of the Kingship International Ministries was addressing hundreds of CNCM supporters at the Cicam stadium in Douala Monday, coincidentally the same venue another candidate Cabral Libii pulled a huge crowd recently.
According to the Prophet of God, he is up to the task commanded by God.
Hear him; “God gave me the power to rule Cameroon and and I know I am up to the task”. To Frankline Ndifor Cameroon corruption, unemployment and bad governance are the reasons why Cameroon is on a stalemate and he Frankline, has vowed to bring positive change once he’s elected into office.

Published on 28.04.2020

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