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Cameroon government targets ‘more separatist leaders’ for arrest

Cameroon Anglophone Protesters in London ©All rights reserved

The Government of Cameroon has requested for the arrest and repartriation of thirteen separatist activists in the diaspora.

In a 23-page emergency humanitarian assistance plan released on Wednesday, the Government of Cameroon accused these persons of fueling the violence in the two English-speaking regions of the country.

The government accused them of carrying out sustained campaigns to spread fear, hatred and violence through social media.

“Many of the people inciting the population to hatred and violence are based abroad: Mark Bara, alias Bareta (Belgium), Ayaba Cho Lucas (Norway), Tapang Ivo Tanku, Akwanga Ebenezer, Dereck Mbongo, Nsoh Nkem Foncha, Chris Anu and Yinkfu Nsangong (United Stated of America), Shey Kaavi Wo Melim (Austria), Akoson Pauline Diale and her husband Akoson Raymond and Brado Etchu Tabenyang (Nigeria), John Mbah Akuro and Larry Eyong (South Africa),” the government said in the 23-page document.

“The Cameroonian Government has approached the authorities of the said countries to put an end to the terrorist support activities carried out on their territory. Reactions to this request are still awaited,” the government added.

Earlier in January, the leader of the separatist movement, Julius Ayuk Tabe was arrested in Nigeria alongside 46 others and deported to Cameroon where they have been held in a secret location with no access to their familes and lawyers.

The Government of Cameroon has not moved an inch despite pressure from human rights organisations and international bodies to grant medical access to them.

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