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Gov’t lambasted at SDF Convention

PM Yang in a pensive mode © All rights reserved

The government of Cameroon has been tongue-lashed by some top opposition members and officials at the 9th Ordinary Elective Convention of the SDF currently taking place in Bamenda, Northwest Region.

The first salvo came from Balick Awah Fidelis, Mayor of Bamenda II Council,  who decried government’s poor handling of the Anglophone crisis, while exhorting government to release all those arrested in connection to the crisis.  He equally use the platform to beckon  international observers present to take the plight of the Anglophones internationally.

Another scathing launch of attack came from SDF Regional President, Hon Njong Evaristus, who stated that the people are frustrated with Biya’s regime because it has refused to listen to the voice of the people. To Hon Njong, it is time to flush out the New Deal government of Paul Biya for its failures to satisfy the needs and the wants of Cameroonians.

In a long welcome speech, SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi, pointed out that there is a fundamental value that Cameroonians seem to ignore today because “our society has been transgressed and distorted by too many years of bad governance and unaligned priorities and that is the power of truth.” Fru Ndi recalled condemned the rise in hate speech, dwindling economy, looming devaluation, infrastructural decay and poor management of the Anglophone crisis.

He regretted the regimes’ inability to solve the Anglophone crisis. He said his party is the only party that is able to organize convention regularly and has succeeded to renew the basic organs of the party both at the District and Regional levels.

“I could go on and on, but one thing is clear; that you cannot hide the truth from the sun,” Fru Ndi said. He said the reality is that Cameroon is becoming a collapsed state and the regime is unable to provide basic services for its citizens. The regime’s failure to maintain public order not only makes fear a constant of daily life but also provides a breeding ground for small minorities to perpetuate crime and terror.

Regarding elections, Fru Ndi said, he will not be gunning in for the party’s top job again, stating that he is giving room for the younger generation. The new chairman of the party will be elected today, February 23.

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