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Gov’t supports poultries in North West region

Government has offered support to poultry farmers in the North West region to boost production as prices of chicks hit an all-time high. The government, through the project for the Development of Livestock Farming and Fisheries, managed by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, offered 900 thousand one-day old chicks to the poultry owners.

Journal du Cameroon has learned the recent gesture was prompted by the growing scarcity of broilers. The scarcity which is witnessed in major cities of Cameroon is said to be a fallout of the bird flu epidemic which hit the country last year. The West region which is the biggest production area in the country was again hit by the flu this year.

The Poultry Association of Cameroon says the flue caused the destruction of thousands of layers and made it difficult for farmers to have day-old chicks in the past couple of months. The association recently declared a sharp increase in the price of the chicks resulting from the scarcity.  A one-day old chick is currently sold at 600FCFA. The prices hitherto fluctuated between 300-350FCFA.

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