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Gov’t threatens to up ante on Cameroonians disrespecting anti-Cronavirus measures

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The government of Cameroon has warned those failing to respect the 13 measures put in place to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak are exposing themselves to heavy sanctions.

The call to respect the mesures put in place was reiterated by the Prime Minister, Head of Government on Tuesday during an inter Ministerial meeting to assess government’s strategy to combat the virus.

The indiscipline of some Cameroonians in respecting the measures put in place has been cited as one of the main reasons in the propagation of the virus in recent days.

To overcome this indiscipline and fully implement the measures, the governmentihas warned Artcle 260 of the Penal Code which provides for an imprisonment of between three months to three years to persons who facilitate the transmission of a contagious or dangerous disease.

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