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Ground Water Preservation in Cameroon

World's water day
Managing groundwater

The issue was at the center of a discussion organised by the ministry of water and energy. It was on the occasion of world’s water day.

The 30th celebration of the world’s water day took place last March 22 around the globe. It was the opportunity to assimilate the stakes faced by water nowadays; especially in context mark by climate change. Cameroon also marked her presence at this event. It was through a debate-conference in respect to the day’s theme: “Ground water: making the invisible visible.”

The conference was organized by  the ministry of Water and Energy. An opportunity  to focus on the different challenges concerning the management and preservation of water

Taking the floor during the talk, Alice Ngo Ndjiki, Director of water mobilisation at the ministry underscored that Cameroon has a good quantity of surface water. It is due to water coming from oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.

One of the reasons why groundwater are mostly used in the agricultural, breeding sectors with industries. A great part of the population uses this underground liquid as potable water likely drilling with Camwater also using 39% of resource water from it.

This water according to specialists has a lot of advantages as it is ecological. They help in preserving habitations and wetlands.

The different speakers all agree that one of the main stakes is the management of the groundwater. According to Alice Ngo Ndjiki, most of groundwater infrastructures are damaged. She advised that for appropriate management, projects have to mature the underway as well as their finances must treated with a lot of skills.

Published on 05.05.2023

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