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Guinea Airlines still grounded over dilapidared aerodromes – minister

Guinea Airlines is yet to take to the skies two years after it was launched, the country’s Transport minister lamented, blaming the delay on the poor state of aerodromes.“I have never been quick to give a date for the launch of this company, because there was a lot of uncertainties. However, we will finalize the Guinea Airlines files,” Aboubacar Sylla said.

Sylla emphasized that the big challenge in launching Guinea Airlines, is the question of regional aerodromes.

“As soon as these infrastructures are renovated at lower costs, there will be no problem launching the company” he added.

“If the aerodromes are not revamped, no company will live long. Guinea Airlines will have a future only if some regional aerodromes are actually operational, especially those of Labe, Kankan, Boke and Nzerekore”, the minister explained.

Published on 28.04.2020

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