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Gunmen attack Muyuka police station, free detainees

The Muyuka police station was recently attacked by gunmen

At least four detainees at the Muyuka police station gained freedom yesterday after an attack on the building by unidentified armed men, local sources have confirmed.

The attack occured in the early hours of Thursday the morning as the attackers caught the few police officers by surprise before ransacking the station and later freeing the detainees.

In the process,the made way with twelve weapons as well as amunition, a source at the station told

There was no human casualty recorded but security was immediately beefed up around the police station after the attack as investigations have been opened to track down the attackers.

Muyuka in the Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon has witnessed a spill-over of the fighting between armed men and security forces in the outskirts of Kumba in the Meme Division.

Traffic was held up for hours on Sunday between Muyuka and Kumba following a gun battle in Mbalangi, a village between the two town.

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