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Gunmen burn down gendarmerie post in Penda Mboko

Penda Mboko gendarmerie brigade burnt down (File photo)

Gunmen have burnt down the gendarmerie brigade in Penda Mboko Littoral region of Cameroon after launching an attack on Sunday morning.

According to local sources, the gendarmerie brigade situated at Camp I in Penda Mboko was attacked in the early hours of Sunday morning with the few gendarmes present taken unaware.

Hours of shootout led to the gunmen overpowering the gendarmes before setting the building completely on fire before taking off after the arrival of military reinforcement.

The attack was coming just hours after the Governor of the South West Region Dieudonné Samuel Ivaha Diboua chaired a securiyty meeting with various stake holders of the Littoral region.

It was an opportunity for the Governor to prescribe firm security measures at checkpoints to avoid separatists fighters in the two English-speaking regions from infiltrating into the Littoral.

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