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Has Tchiroma Been Quarantined?

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For several months now, politico-social activities have abounded in the country. This has equally required much communication. Hellas, along the line, the very vocal and eloquent communication boss Issa Tchiroma Bakary has suddenly ceased from organising press conferences and briefings as was the case in the not too distant past. The Voice, Yaounde-based weekly newspaper said in this week’s edition that any fear about the physical state of minister Tchiroma has been allayed as inside sources say he has been seen coming to and from his office as usual.

Why then has minister Tchiroma not said anything for the past three months? This is the question on every keen observer’s lips, according to The Voice. With topical issues like the GCE writing dilemma, the strange demise of Bishop Jean Benoit Balla of Bafia, the holding of the supreme council for magistracy, the appointments and transfer of magistrates and Dos amongst others should normally be a platform for the government’s mouth piece to show down.

Tchiromas silence is raising more eyebrows in that it is happening at a time when government needs much explanation to provide its citizens and the world.

Tchiroma, it should be recalled has distinguished himself as being a first class orator, doing so in English and French with ease. The vehemence with which the minister defends undefendable facts has earned him a special place in the communication world. If this pragmatic and oscillating speaker goes mute in the mist of much ado, could mean that someone somewhere has called him to order. More precisely it could mean that, it has finally dawned on President Biya that Issa and other overzealous ministers have been doing a disservice to him.

His constant and persistent “misinformation” has visibly aggravated the Anglophone palaver and especially unleashed international pressure on Biya. It is safe to speculate that in the just too eminent cabinet shakeup. Tchiroma and other overzealous liars will be sure to hit the door.


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