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Healthy lifestyle is solution to kidney disease-Medics

One of Cameroon's dialysis centres in Buea © All rights reserved

Cameroonian kidney specialists in Yaounde, say constant physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the only way to prevent kidney disease.

The medics who made the remark recently, revealed that 14.2 percent Cameroonians suffer from kidney disease, causing the government a whooping sum of F CFA 12 million per patient. According to the medics most Cameroonians don’t even know they are suffering from the disease. The kidney specialists insisted that kidney disease is a public health concern in the country given that over 3million Cameroonian have been diagnose with the disease.

On the measures to prevent the disease, the medics said leading a healthy lifestyle and taking measures taking to reduce diabetes, hypertension and obesity will do the trick.

Even though the government is doing much to reduce the burden that comes with having the disease, specifically, the creation of over nine dialysis centres, committing 12million per patient, and the introduction New medical treatment  as kidney transplant, the medics all called for early diagnose which they say can help save patients the trouble of going for going for dialysis.

They urged Cameroonians to lead healthy lifestyle in order to avoid the stress and heavy cost of going through treatment. World Kidney Day is a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of kidneys.


Published on 28.04.2020

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