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Heavy snowfall causes traffic chaos in southwestern Rwanda

Heavy snowfall that hit several parts of South Eastern Rwanda earlier this week has caused traffic chaos and a high risk of avalanches in many parts of this region near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, a police source in the region revealed Wednesday.Hundreds of truck and car drivers were forced to spend  the night on the road connecting Karongi (Western) to Rusizi (South  West), a police spokesperson said adding that the highway was completely  blocked.

The seasonal forecast for September to December (SOND)  2019 rainfall season indicates higher chance of wetter conditions in  most parts of the country depending on the topography in Rwanda.

The  forecast indicates that the big part of  Western Province especially  Rusizi, Nyamasheke districts and part of Rutsiro district bordering  Rubavu District will experience high rainfall ranging between 500 and  600 millimeters.

Rwanda has, in recent weeks, been hit by  torrential downpours that have led to floods and landslides that crushed  homes built on mountain slopes, with similar scenes playing out across  East Africa.

Published on 28.04.2020

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