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Hopes dashed for Ayah Paul, family as court rejects release appeal

Ayah Paul Abine (c) All rights reserved

A court decision of March 21 to maintain the detained Supreme Court Deputy Advocate General in the dungeons of the national gendarmerie headquarters, has dashed hopes for both the detainee and family members who have been seeking his release since January 17.

Ayah Paul Abine’s first appearance at the Yaounde High Court last week rekindled hopes as his counsel appealed for his release. Reports say the counsel for the state of Cameroon did not object any of the declarations of the defendant last week.

The counsel of the super scale magistrate of exceptional class made up of barristers Maurice Kamto, Ndong Christopher and Kisob, told the court in the last week that their client was taken away from his home on Saturday January 21 without an arrest warrant.

They also argued that the arrest was carried out in violation of legal procedures. According to them, the law says a sitting advocate general of the Supreme Court should not be arrested without authorisation from his immediate boss. They said this procedure was not followed.

The court however, on March 21, rejected his lawyers’ plea, deciding that he should be thrown back into jail. He is accused of supporting the ongoing protests in the North West and South West regions.

Ayah’s family has continually pleaded for his release. Besides criticising the manner in which he was picked up from his home, the family says his health keeps deteriorating as he continues to stay in prison.

Published on 28.04.2020

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