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Huawei technical team in Swaziland

Swazi Mobile, the newly established mobile telecommunications company that ended MTN Swaziland’s monopoly, has engaged a team of experts from Chinese giant Huawei to configure its system.The team, led by Lou Jie and Pan Yongwen from Huswei in China, is currently working on the company’s data centre after which operations of the Swazi company are expected to begin.

Swazi Mobile chief technical officer Wandile Mntshali said the delegation would spend a month in the country to ensure a safe and neat working environment in the switch room and power room which houses battery backup and other software.

Swazi Mobile was granted a license to compete with Swazi MTN in February, beating three other mobile telecommunication firms Data Net, Viettel Group and Mauritius Telecom.

The company has already registered about 25,000 users, which forms about three percent of the population eligible to possess cellphones in Swaziland.

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