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Hundreds of Nigerian refugees flee to Wum

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Hundreds of people fleeing an agropastoral conflict in Nigeria have settled in the town of Wum, in Cameroon’s North West region. French language tri-weekly L’Oeil du Sahel newspaper says the refugees are part of some 3087 who escaped to Cameroon over the weekend following violent clashes between Mambilas farmers and Mboro herdsmen in Nigeria.

While others ran into Wum in Menchum division, others moved into Bankim and Mayo-Darle in the Mayor Banyo division of Cameroon’s Adamawa region.

Going by the newspaper, government is concerned by the influx of especially Mboro herdsmen who are said to always be in possession of weapons and munitions. A security source said some of the Mboro herdsmen in the Taraba state often move about with Kalashnikovs for protection. He regretted the fact that all the refugees were not search.

The source said it was difficult to search the refugees because they arrived in large numbers and appeared being chased. It is also feared that the conflict in Nigeria may spill over to the North West region like the Boko Haram conflict did in the Far North region.

Besides security concerns, government is said to be also worried about the imminent need for the construction of refugee camps in the North West and Adamawa regions of Cameroon. This, L’Oeil du Sahel said, was because of the fact that Cameroon is already burderned with close to one million refugees residing in the Far North, Adamawa and East regions.


Published on 03.01.2023

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