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I don’t want to take Coronavirus back to Africa”- Pavel Daryl Kem Semou

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A Cameroonian student residing in China and recently infected with the deadly Covid-19 has disclosed he had no intentions of leaving China after having contracted the pathology for fear of taking it back to Africa.

He was talking to BBC Africa from his university dormitory in Jingzhou, China where he is now under a 14-day quarantine, Pavel Daryl Kem Senou.

“No matter what happens I don’t want to take the sickness back to Africa…” Pavel Daryl reportedly disclosed.

Reports from BBC Africa say in the course of the exchange, Pavel recounted how his progressive recovery came about thanks to the Chinese Government who covered his medical care.

After suffering from a fever, a dry cough and flu-like symptoms, reports say he was isolated in a local Chinese hospital for thirteen days and treated with antibiotics and drugs typically used to treat HIV patient.

Pavel is said to have begun showing signs of recovery two weeks after he was administered the above mentioned treatment.

The CT scan that was later on conducted on him showed no trace of the illness. As such, he became the first African known to be infected with the deadly coronavirus and the first to show signs of recovery.

Since the outbreak of the pathology in ending December 2019, it has led to more than 1,770 deaths and infected more than 72,000 people, mostly in China.



Published on 10.02.2021

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