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I haven’t taken any fraudulent dollar from the Pan African Parliament- Roger Nkodo Ndang

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The President of the Pan African Parliament, Cameroonian born Hon Roger Nkodo Ndang has disclosed that he has been declared not guilty of allegations of miss management advanced by his “detractors” in the Parliament and called on the later to tender an apology.

Hon. Roger Nkodo Ndang was speaking today in a press briefing in Yaounde aimed at enlightening the national and international press on the issue surrounding his alleged miss management, corruption, sexual harassment at the helm of the Continent’s Parliament widely spoken of by the press.

He told reporters an internal audit was conducted after which he was declared not guilty of allegations of miss management and disclosed he couldn’t have embezzled any amount from the Parliament, given that the finances of the Organisation are managed by the Secretary General as stated in the organisation of the Continental body.

As far as the secretary is concerned, Hon Roger Nkodo Ndang said he was found guilty of financial misgivings attributed to him by his detractors and has been dismissed within the internal rules and regulations governing the Organisation.

To that effect, the President of the Continent’s Parliament disclosed an apology from all those who masterminded misinformation against him would be the least they could do to restore his image in the eyes of the world.

He equally decried the attitude of some Cameroonian press men who without having the good information on what was happening joined the fray of his detractors, causing the Continent’s Parliament to conclude he had no support from his people, especially during the 2018 Presidential elections of the continental body.

Hon Roger Nkodo Ndang, re-elected President of the Pan African Parliament in May 2018 has in several occasions been accused of miss conduct at the helm of the Continental body including, miss management of funds, nepotism, personality cult, sexual harassment and favouritism, allegations he has always refuted.


Published on 28.04.2020

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