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Islamic Development Bank to fund Cameroon’s blood transfusion project

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has pledged to fund a project in Cameroon aimed at strengthening its national blood transfusion system to the tune of over CFA 8.7 billion, APA said on Friday.

Going by APA, the fund will see the construction of five national and regional centers, with the ambition of transforming the current system, based on replacement/family donations, into a sustainable blood donation scheme.

It also aims to provide the country with an institutional framework in this area, a system of voluntary recruitment, anonymous and unpaid donors, operational and equipped transfusion structures and competent human resources.

According to official figures, Cameroon has 91,047 blood bags collected across the country, covering just 23 percent of annual needs estimated at 400,000 bags.

The authorities said this deficit is caused by a reluctance to donate blood due to traditional and religious beliefs, but also the lack of institutional, technical, material and financial support from voluntary donor associations.

Published on 28.04.2020

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