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Israel to donate wheelchairs to disable persons in Cameroon

The Israeli Embassy in Cameroon will donate thirsty wheelchairs to disabled persons at the Christian Blind Mission(CBM) on Tuesday December 4 in Yaounde.

Alongside the Israeli Foreign Aid and Development Agency, MASHAV the Israeli Embassy will donate the materials as part of activities to mark the International week of People with Disabilities.

The Embassy is partnered by an Israeli NGO ‘Wheelchairs for Hope’ which has developed affordable, light weight and durable wheelchair models suitable for disabled children from developing countries.

This is the second time the Isreal Embassy will be donating wheelchairs after donating 150 to the Ministry of ¨Public Health earlier this year.

It is equally the second time the Embassy will be visiting and donating to the Christian Blind Mission in months  after handing a range of braille equipment in August.


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