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Israel wages war against cholera in Cameroon

The Israeli Embassy in Cameroon in collaboration with the World Health Organisation has donated ten water filtration kit to the Ministry of Public Health to help fight cholera in the country.

To that effect, a ceremony to hand over the kits was organised on Tuesday September 18, at the conference hall of the Ministry of Public Health in Yaounde.

The kits were donated in a context marked by the cholera outbreak in Cameroon that has killed 17 persons according to the Ministry of Public Health.

Handing over the ten NUF 500 water filtration kits, the Deputy Ambassador of the Israeli Embassy in Cameroon Simon Seroussi said the gesture is symbolic in Israel’s fight against cholera in Cameroo as well  a demonstration of the strong cooperation ties that exist between the two nations.

“This is extremely important for us because these kits will help the population that needs access to clean drinking water and to us this is the most important thing,” His Excellency Simon Seroussi said.

“Secondly, it represents the cooperation between Cameroon and Israel which has been going on for years and we wish to continue and by this gesture we want to show the people in Cameroon that we stand with them during the good and difficult moments,” the diplomat added.

Receiving the kits that have the capacity of producing 80 litres of water in ten minutes, the Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda expressed his convictions that the move is a great step in the right direction to fight cholera in Cameroon.

The NUF 500 filtration can pump 80 litres of water in ten minutes (c)All rights reserved

He stressed that the kits will be channelled immediately to local communities in the North region of Cameroon that are greatly hit by the recent cholera outbreak.

While thanking the Israeli Embassy as well as the World Health Organisation for the gesture, Andre Mama Fouda appealed to other stakeholders to copy their example so as to effectively eradicate cholera in Cameroon.

It should be recalled that the Israeli Ambassador to Cameroon H.E Ran Gidor last month outlined his country’s determination to help Cameroon fight cholera last month during a ceremony to present the NUF 500 Water filtration kit at the Yaounde VI council.

The Ambassador revealed  it is a manual device that can purify eight litres of water per minute and can serve a community of at least 500 persons.

“Our aim is to share our technological advances in the domain of water purification with our Cameroonian partners…so today’s purpose was to demonstrate how with  simple, cheap Israeli technology we could assist those Cameroonian communities that have been afflicted by cholera and even ordinary people in Yaounde,” the Ambassador said.

Published on 10.02.2021

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