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Israeli film to be screened at Ecrans noirs

Israeli Ambassador Ran Gidor seeks to strengthen ties with the Ngaoundere University

An Israeli film which preaches peace through football will be screened at the Ecrans Noirs festival which takes place in Yaounde from 13-20 July 2018.

The film titled “90 minutes war” talks about using a football game to put an end to a dispute between Israel and Palestinian people.

“At a time where the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Russia, the embassy of Israel in Cameroon believes that sports, especially football, is a powerful and strong tool to promote peace and togetherness” the Israeli Embassy in Cameroon said in communiqué.

There will be further screening of the film on different dates which will be communicated, the Israeli Embassy added.

The film falls as one the embassy’s outreach program to strengthen relations and cooperation ties with Cameroon.

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