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Ivorian railway outfit acquires four locomotives

The International Society of African Rail Transport (SITARAIL) has announced the acquisition of four new locomotives to increase its traction capacity, a statement released on Monday said.SITRAIL is a subsidiary of France’s Bolloré Transport & Logistics,

With a power of 2,250 HP, the GT 22- type locomotives, made in the United States and received on April 9, have each, a traction capacity of 1,250 tons.

The four new locomotives precede the arrival of a hundred platform wagons, which are due in Abidjan by the end of 2018 and “will allow Sitarail to increase network performance and meet customers’ demand,” the statement said.

Major infrastructure rehabilitation and modernization works for the next few days on the entire railway network have also been announced by the outfit.

This is to optimize the company’s operational activities, thus confirming its commitments as part of a revised concession deal signed in July 2016, the statement said.

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