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Japanese minister in Swaziland discusses development projects

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Japan is committed to continue supporting Swaziland in developmental projects, including the construction of schools, the deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Japan, Shunsuke Takai, announced when he met with Swaziland’s Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini on Thursday.The two officials met at the Cabinet offices in the Swazi capital Mbabane, where Takai made the declaration.
At the moment, the Japanese have built 12 high schools in Swaziland over a period of four years.
“We thank the Japanese for helping Swaziland build first-class schools across the country. Your footprint in the education sector is commendable,” Dlamini said.
He added that Swaziland will continue its relations with the Republic of China on Taiwan, saying such a relationship contributes significantly to fostering peace and stability in East Asia.
The Premier further stated that Swaziland abides by all international declarations issued by the United Nations, Commonwealth, African Union and SADC when it comes to North Korea.
“We sympathize with Japan on the kidnapping of their citizens, hoping a lasting solution would be found,” he added.

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