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Jilted “lover” kills 24-year old UB student

Adele Elise Ekale and her "supposed" lover Armel Ghizlain.

Adele Elise Ekale, a 24-year old final year student in the department of Linguistics, University of Buea was strangled to death by her alleged lover.

Reports say her lifeless body was discovered in Bakweri Town, a neighbourhood in Buea, South West region. Elise stepped out of her house on Sunday June 25  to answer a phone call but never returned. All efforts to find her proved futile.

Three days later her body was discovered in a nearby scrub beside her family residence. No one knew what had happened until her supposed lover took to her Facebook page a few days later,  explaining his state of mind.

Using Six Pasu No Sēji‎ as his Facebook account name, the purported lover confessed to the crime. Hear him; “My name is not Armel Bilo but Betchem Armel Ghizlain. I have never been violent with her. I did not plan to kill her. I loved her. I have always loved her and will continue to love her. Five years of friendship and a year of relationship. Do you think I’m a cold monster? A heartless murderer? I constantly think of surrendering or taking away my life… I hear how you all say all sorts of things about me but do you know if it was voluntary or accidental? Do you know if I wanted to do it or not? Do you know if I loved her? Do you know if I’m crying? From what I see, No … you do not know…”

Armel’s post on Facebook today, June 29, has drawn outrage from many Cameroonians. Many observers criticise his act and question what love he is talking about. “What type of love kills? You have taken my cousin away, prepare for the consequences”, a supposed relative wrote on the comment thread.

The reason behind Armel’s alleged crime is still not clear but many claim Elise was probably planning to drop him for another partner

While reports say police in Buea have opened investigations, human rights activist are calling for swift action.

Published on 05.05.2023

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