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Cameroon:Joshua Osih concedes defeat Paul Biya at Presidential poll

Joshua Osih

The flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front Joshua Osih has conceded defeat to Paul Biya at the October 7 Presidential election.

The Constitutional Council on Monday October 22 proclaimed Paul Biya winner of the Presidential election handing him a seven-year term.

Joshua Osih finished fourth at the polls behind winner Paul Biya, Maurice Kamto in second and Cabral Libii third and has now conceded defeat though some opposition candidates have rejectted the results.

Below is a statement from Joshua Osih…

“Fellow Cameroonians, Dear Compatriots,

Today, I take note that the Constitutional Council proclaimed the results of the presidential election of October 7th, 2018, despite all the evidence of irregularities and a clear desire to marginalize the populations of the North-West and South-West regions. The winner of this election is the candidate Paul Biya.

In a republican and citizen spirit, I would like to congratulate all the candidates for this extraordinary election, which has marked a turning point in the political life of our country. As I said to the president of the Constitutional Council, nothing will be ever be as it was before!

In the same spirit,  I would like to tell the President Biya that partisan feelings must give way to patriotism and in this approach, Mr. President of the Republic, please listen to the people who need peace and reconciliation, work and especially need to find our fatherland. May God guide you towards this achievement.

If our ideologies and our beliefs oppose us, we must know that there is greater than our political parties, there is Cameroon. I hope that this election, Mr. President will have been a highlight not only for the people of Cameroon, but also for you. I remain convinced that the important construction of a nation, united in its diversity, strong in its identity, with solidarity and prosperity should in my humble opinion, be your priority because this election has also shown us the fragility of a nation built by decree in which false but very dangerous identity retreats are too often used.

This election has come to an end. For those who want to play the prolongation, let it be done to obtain strong, honourable and democratic institutions and not for the benefits of any one of the candidates because when we consider that an election was imperfect, then it must have been so for all or almost all the candidates. I invite you to join us building Cameroon’s democracy; a construction that started on May 26, 1990 by the SDF.

This project is time-less and non partisan, it is fundamentally necessary and requires, above all, a revolution of our mentalities and a more inclusive approach.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those who supported me and supported the cause for which I have been fighting. To the SDF, my party and our National Chairman and all the other friendly political parties, trade unions, civil society organizations and all the many personalities who stood by my side. I say THANK YOU.

I know that many of my supporters are disappointed.  I am too. I am all the more so for all those who like me think that I have not had the chance to lead the Cameroonian people over the next seven years, for those who need burdens lifted and barriers removed and especially for those who feel that their voices have not been heard for far too long. I would like to tell you that I have heard you all and I will not forget you. You have in me your humble servant who will continue to fight for you from the side of the opposition. The real one.

We must overcome our disappointment with the love we have for our fatherland. At this point I will like to express my to all those who in this election- which they themselves consider to be far from democratic- see a sign of weakness of the real force of change that our desire for a better Cameroon can only be measured by the difficulties that we manage to overcome. We will be up to thee challenge.

I once again, I am the real Cameroon during this campaign and I liked what I saw because it is full of potential and a bright future. Some want to divide us to stay in power or to get there but the Cameroon I know is bigger and brighter than all of us. Cameroon is worth all our fights, our energy and our love. I will never stop serving my country country with strength, conviction and dedication and I will spare no effort even at the price of my blood to get there and finally make our country a haven of peeace, happiness and prosperity for all of its children. As such, I will commit myself even more than in the past to help find a way out of the war that a large part of our national territory is subjected to and that unfortunately could not take part in this election. I am devastated by this war and the indifference and a certain condescension that it arouses in some who claim to be patriots. We have a national shame to correct.

As for the battle that ends tonight with a defeat for the party and myself personally, I place it under the sign of profound questioning and hope in brilliant victories and even more important battles to come because no matter how heavy the loss, defeat, just as victory help shape the soul and let glory bloom.

For me, this election ends as it began, with the love of my family and friends the faith in God and our Fatherland that I still have so much pride in serving. I would also like to thank the wonderful and dynamic campaign team that accompanied me and spared no effort in the task, as well as the team of lawyers who were with me at the Constitutional Council. I remain surrounded by the energy, the passion and the youth necessary for a neew beginning. This election has also shown us that we have often had voters but rarely citizens. It is up to us now to turn this majority of ideas, debate, silence and suffering into a majority of citizens for a better Cameroon.

As a political party, we have a heavy burden on us since the 1997 election to lead the opposition. Let us not forget that our Parliamentary group still confers us this role. We have no choice but to turn this position into a parliamentary majority with the forthcoming elections to fulfil the mission we set for ourselves in 1990.

This is the heavy task that awaits me, and I am more than ever ready to accomplish it.

God bless Cameroon

For a Better Cameeroon

Joshua Osih.

Published on 05.05.2023

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