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Joshua Osih drops Presidential file in Douala

Joshua Osih deposited his file in Douala on Wednesday (c)All rights reserved

The candidate of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Joshua Osih officially dropped his file for the Presidential election on Thursday at the Elecam Regional office in Douala.

He was accompanied by the Chairman of the party, Ni John Fru Ndi as well as a mamoth crowd of supporters and sympathisers who turned up at the Elecam regional headquarters.

“We held primaries then a convention and I was elected to represent the party. We are prepared and we know everyone has been waiting. The president summoned the electorate for 07 October. On time, we decided to come and apply,”he said.

On the presence of the Chairman, Joshua Osih said it was a sign of change and generational transition at the party which they want to show to the rest of the country.

“This perfectly shows that October 07 will be a generational referendum. Because that’s what it’s about. We must change this country, transform it. I think it’s a new generation that is better equipped today to get there,” Osih said.

Joshua Osih then justified the reason for dropping his file in Douala rather than Yaounde as the other candidates as pertaining to the fact that he wants to be in touch with the base given that he is first of all a Member of Parliament in Douala.



Published on 28.04.2020

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