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Joshua Osih’ US trip comes under separatist threats

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The Presidential candidate of the Social Demovratic Front will embark on a trip to the United States of America on July 6.

The “meet and greet” trip will be an opportunity for Joshua Osih to convince Cameroonians in the United States to register massively ahead of the Presidential election.

This will be the first official trip he is undertaking out of the country to meet with Cameroonians since he was designated as the flag bearer of the Social Democratic Front at the upcoming Presidential elections.

However, the meeting that will hold in Maryland has come under threats from some separatist activists in the US and other parts of the diaspora who have called for a boycott of the event.

These threats will not be new to the Social Democratic Front after similar threats poured in during the weeks leading to their convention that designated Honourable Joshua Osih as their Presidential candidate.



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