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Journalist sacked for criticising Biya regime

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Bruno Bidjang, journalist and presenter of the program « Voir Grand » on Vision 4 TV has been barred from the presimes of the media organ, according to a note from the Assistant General Manager of the media organ.

The note signed on April 6 also gives strict instructions for the journalist to be evicted from all social media fora at the Television station.

Reacting to the decision, the journalist said he had not been notified of any sack and equally learnt about the decision on social media.

However, his sack could be related to his recent Facebook outings where he has been very critical of the regime.

His last Facebook post before his sack, Bruno Bidjang criticised the State’s expenditure of over 2 billion francs on public vehicles .

He called on Cameroonians to stop being spectators in the face of bad governance and and speak out against the numerous injustices in the country.

« Even with a new president, it’s clear that nothing will change as long as we behave at home as if we were foreigners(in our own country), » he warned.



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