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Journalists brace up to celebrate World Press Freedom Day

Journalists in Cameroon are bracing up with their counterparts the world over to celebrate the World Press Freedom Day on May 3.

This year’s edition will be celebrated under the theme; “Keeping power in check: media, justice and the rule of law” as journalists prepare to engage in various activities on the day.

This is the case with the Yaounde chapter of the Cameroon Association of English-speaking Journalists Camasej who will pay a “strategic visit” to some secondary and high schools in the nation’s capital where they will “inspire members of the journalism clubs and/or aspiring journalists of the said schools.”

According to a release signed by the Public Relations Officer of Camasej-Yaounde, Amindeh Blaise Atabong, they will equally hold discussions on issues of media and the transparency in the political process, the independence and and media literacy of the judicial system, and the accountability of state institutions to the public.

Contemporary challenges in ensuring press freedom online will also come under examination.

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