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Judge blocks removal of corpse from Kribi morgue

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The deceased lady murdered in Kribi was pregnant with twins


The mortal remains of Edwige Flore Mougang Keutchiamen murdered in Kribi last month were not taken out of the mortuary for burial on May 13 as planned. Journal du Cameroon gathered the examining judge of the Kribi High Court refused to grant her family access to her dead body. The judge insisted the body would only be taken out of the morgue when the state completes ongoing investigations into her murder.

A source in the judge’s cabinet told press that the aggrieved family did not consult the state counsel before drawing up a burial program. The source said that an autopsy is yet to be carried out, but pointed out it has been established that the lady was assassinated.

But the bereaved family is accusing the judge of trying to extort money from them. A family member told press they have been requested to pay 300,000FCFA for the said autopsy to be carried out by a medical doctor. The doctor, he said, was supposed to travel to Kribi from Douala and is expected to be paid another sum of money to extract two dead babies from the womb of the dead body.

The family is threatening to abandon the corpse. We also learned a member of the family, Jean-Paul Gires Mougang,is held in detention alongside other individuals accused of killing Edwige Flore Mougang Keutchiamen.

Other members of the family insist he is not supposed to be kept behind bars simply because a suspect said he is an accomplice in the murder.

Published on 03.01.2023

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