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Kamto insists he is winner of Cameroon’s Presidential poll

Professor Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement says him and not Biya, is the true winner of Cameroon’s presidential poll.

Kamto who had claimed victory barely 24hours after polls closed on Sunday, October 7, is  still insisting on his claim after the constitutional council declared Biya winner yesterday.

Reacting to the constitutional council’s October 22 declaration,  Professor Maurice Kamto released a document which shows that he, Kamto, won by over 39% of validly cast votes.

To him, the figures published by the council are false and must be contested.

On Twitter, the Jurist thanked Cameroonians for voting him.

Hear him; “My dear compatriots, Let me express my heartfelt gratitude to the many Cameroonians who decided to cast their votes to my humble person at the presidential poll of October 7, 2018, making me President elect in this historic election…”

It is still unclear how Professor Kamto plans on combating Biya, given that die hard Biya fans are already celebrating his victory.

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