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Kamto’s supporters mobilise to protest before US diplomat in Cameroon

Supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement are mobilising to receive the US Assistant Secretary for African affairs who arrives the country this weekend.

Tibor Nagy who is on an African tour is expected to arrive Cameroon on March 17 where he will hold talks with authorities on a wide range of issues.

Even before arrivng Cameroon, the US diplomat went on air to say he will be asking Cameroonian authorities to releease Maurice Kamto and his supporters arrested and detained since January.

Supporters of the CRM thus see this as an opportunity to put pressure on the US diplomat not to back down on his comments and are mobilising to receive the US diplomat at the airport with messages on placards.

They have grouped themselves in what they call “Committee to release Maurice Kamto and other detainees” and equally plan to organise peaceful protests at the US Embassy in Yaounde.

Tibor Nagy’s outing on the political and security situation in Cameroon forced the government to strike back as communications Minister Rene Sadi insisted Maurice Kamto is not a political prisoner but is detained on legal and legitimate grounds.

Published on 28.04.2020

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