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Kenya approves ‘visas on arrival’ to Cameroonians

Cameroonian nationals can now have Kenyan visas issues on arrival, reports say.

According online media reports, the Department of Immigration services has granted approval for Cameroon, Senegal and Mali to move from category 3 to category 2 of visa application, a category which permits nationals of these countries to get visas on arrival at the port of entry.

Cameroon and other countries which belong to this category will require a visa to enter to enter Kenya but they do need to go through the department of immigration. While citizens of countries belonging to category one do not need to a visa to enter Kenya.

Meanwhile, countries which fall under category 3 of visa are required to have referral visas before they can be granted entry into Kenya. Such countries include; Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (Formerly North Korea), Eritrea, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan and Yemen.

Ekwang Published on 22.09.2022

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