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Kenya: New $476M oil pipeline operational

The 450 km pipeline that will transport oil from the port city of Mombasa to Nairobi is now operational, state-owned Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC) disclosed on Wednesday.The 48 billion shilling ($476 million) project boasts of state-of-the-art technology for efficiency and safety in fuel supply logistics in Kenya and the region.

While addressing the media in Nairobi, KPC managing director Joe Sang said the pipeline, which is also the country’s second largest infrastructural undertaking, is a game changer for the country and will boost its regional competitiveness.

The new pipeline will improve the reliability of fuel supply to the export market of Uganda, Rwanda and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, he said.

Over the years, Kenya has lost its competitive advantage and market share in the region due to the time taken to deliver products by road, and the capacity of the old pipeline which kept breaking down.

According to Sang, “the pipeline will eliminate an estimated 700 trucks per day safeguarding against road degradation and environmental pollution arising out of continued trucking of products.”

It will ensure sustained, reliable and efficient transportation of petroleum products in the region and meet demand in the next 30 years with an installed flow rate for phase one of 1 million litres per hour, and 1.9 million litres per hour for phase two in 2023 and 2.6 million litres per hour for phase three in 2044.

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