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Kenya, Somalia bond key to fight against terror – Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta said Friday that the war against terrorism will be won through close ties, cooperation and friendship between Kenya and Somalia.The Kenyan leader said it was through fostering strong bonds that the two neighbours would be able to come up with political, security and economic strategies that would defeat their common enemy and achieve the aspirations of their citizens.

“I know from the discussions we have had that between us we can show our people, and the world, what great works can come from friendship, partnership and good neighborliness,” said Kenyatta in a statement issued in Nairobi on Friday.

Kenyatta was speaking at State House in Nairobi on Thursday night when he hosted a state banquet in honour of visiting Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.

He told the visiting Somali leader that the two countries “have an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of relationship inspired by a common vision of a Horn that is peaceful, prosperous and dignified.”

He said Kenya’s ability to be part of an economically vibrant region that can feed its people’s aspirations for decent and dignified work is tied to Somalia’s ability to have the same.

“Kenya’s peace is tied to yours.  Kenyans are tired of poverty and the politics of division.  I am sure the same is true of the people of Somalia,” said Kenyatta.

The visiting Somali president assured Kenyatta of his support, saying Kenya could count on him as an ally in the fight against terrorist group Al-shabaab.


“I want to thank the Government and the people of Kenya for the continued and sustained support to Somalia throughout the last two decades as we went through a very tough time,” said the Somalia leader.

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