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Kenya: Voter strengths between coalition and graft allegations, grab headlines

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Voters strengths between the two rival coalitions ahead of August polls and opposition terming Deputy President William Ruto as ‘chief priest’ of corruption, grabbed the attention of major Kenyan dailies on Friday.“How 5.2m new voters impact battle for power,” reported the Daily Nation which pointed out that Nairobi, Kiambu and Nakuru had the highest increases in the number of registered voters between 2013 and 2017.

“The three counties recorded a combined fifth of the 5.2 million new voters nationally. However, the final voters roll retains the more than 1.5 million voters estimated to have died from 2013 to date by a KPMG audit,” reported the daily.

“Who do the numbers favour?” reported the Standard newspaper which pointed out that an analysis of voter strengths between the two main coalitions suggests a high voter turnout and how western Kenya votes will significantly influence the outcome of the presidential vote.

“Using the 2013 voting patterns to project a 90 per cent turnout, Jubilee and NASA are locked in a dead heat race for 17.6 million projected voters,” reported the daily.

“Ruto cannot talk on corruption – NASA,” reported the Star newspaper which pointed out that NASA has turned up the heat on Jubilee and Deputy President William Ruto, calling him the “chief priest” of corruption after Ruto said graft cartels were funding opposition campaigns.

“Furious opposition leaders speaking separately, yesterday accused Ruto of hypocrisy and said he has no moral authority to lecture anyone about corruption,” reported the daily.

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