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Khama bows pressure to introspect over challenges facing Botswana

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President Ian Khama on Thursday conceded that Botswana is at crossroads and agreed to calls to introspect to address the challenges faced by the country.This follows a broadside by former cabinet minister, Daniel Kwelagobe calling on the current leadership to introspect as the country faces challenges that seem not to have solutions.

Speaking at former President Sir Ketumile Masire’s funeral, Kwelagobe called for the current leadership of the country to “retrace our steps.”

Kwelagobe served in the cabinet of Botswana’s first post-independence President Sir Seretse Khama in the 1960s.

There have been concerns that Ian Khama – son of the country’s first leader – has been sidelining the Council of Elders when they attempted to advise him on governance matters. Masire was part of the Council of Elders.

Kwelagobe said there is need for the Khama administration to introspect at a time when the country seems to be at crossroads.

Replying, at the same event, Khama admitted that there is need to introspect.

“We will go back to the crossroads to map the way forward,” he said.

Khama’s government has been at loggerheads with civil servants over salary increments and overzealous security agents accused of killing civilians.

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