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Khartoum rues Washington delay to lift sanctions

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Sudan’s Foreign minister, Abraheam Ghandour on Wednesday expressed displeasure over a US executive order delaying the lifting of sanctions on Khartoum for three months, saying Washington’s decision came despite his country’s commitment to the five-track deal.Since January, Khartoum has been engaged in intensive talks with the United States after Washington committed itself to revoking a 20 – year sanctions on Sudan within six months, if the African nation is assessed to have sustained progress in five tracks, including improving humanitarian access throughout its territory and maintaining cooperation with the United States on addressing regional security threats.

The US on Saturday released a statement said President Donald Trump had issued an Executive Order (E.O.) extending the review period established by E.O. 13761 of January 13, 2017, which set forth criteria for the revocation of some sanctions on Sudan.

The E.O. extends the review period for an additional three months and provides for the revocation of those sanctions if the government of Sudan sustains the positive actions that gave rise to E.O. 13761, including maintaining a cessation of hostilities in conflict areas in Sudan including Darfur.

A report quoted Ghandour as saying “We regret this decision, which came after a long engagement and dialogue between us and the Americans”.

He said there was no point making the decision given that “all American, European and African monitors admitted that Sudan has fully implemented the five-track agreement”.

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