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Kidnapped NW Regional Delegate’s fate hangs on the balance after expiration of ultimatum

Nimbom Aaron Yong (c)All rights reserved

The 48 hours ultimatum given to the Cameroonian Government to show videos that the arrested Ambazonia leaders are still alive or the arrested Northwest Regional Delegate of Social Affairs, Animbom Aaron Yong will be sacrificed has expired without the Government budging.

The fate of the civil servant now rest on the mercy of the Ambazonia Defence Forces who abducted the Delegate on Saturday, February 24, 2018, in Batibo Subdivision of the North West Region.

Since his abduction, Animbom has been held incommunicado by the separatist forces until on Saturday, March 10, 2018, when a video emerged on social media with the Delegate appealing to the Minister of Social Affairs, who is his tutelage Minister to appealed to the Government to show the Ambazonia leaders who were arrested in Abuja-Nigeria earlier this year and later ferried to Cameroon.

According to Animbom, his life can only be spared if the Government shows the Ambazonian leaders to the public. Julius Sisku Tabe and his co have been in detention since January 8, 2018.

Hear him: “I am Animbom Aaron Yong, Regional Delegate of Social Affairs for the Northwest Region. I am pleading to the Minister of Social Affairs to intervene that the leaders of Ambazonia that were arrested and, whom we are told were brought to Yaounde, should be shown to the public that they are alive, because, I am here and they have given me 48 hours that I will be sacrificed if these leaders are not shown to be alive. I have been kidnapped by the ‘ADF’ and I am pleading to the Minister of Social Affairs to intervene at the level of hierarchy so that my life can be spared.”

After the expiration of the deadline without a word or an action from the Government, tongues are already wagging that the Government has sacrificed the Delegate to the Ambazonia wolfs.

But other people who spoke to said no sane Government will like to be given conditions by a separatist movement.

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