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Kondengui : Anglophone detainee dies

An anglophone arrested and detained in Kondengui has passed away in a hospital in Yaounde, family sources have said.

Woliem Vitalis has been in hospital in January where he spent over a month following his deplorable and declining health condition.

According to Ayah Ayah, son of Ayah Paul Abine and coordinator of the Ayah Foundation, « He(Vitalis) didn’t fully recover from his ill-health, but was forced back to prison by the authorities despite the pleas of both the family and myself to the contrary, as we insisted that he be maintained therein or rather transferred to Shisong for more intensive care. »

The deceased had been suffereing from chronic cerebral malaria and several other diseases which left him insane, Ayah said in a Facebook post.

His death could have been avoided if he was treated humanely, Ayah said as he revealed prison authorities had refused heVitalis be taken to hospital unless a certain sum of money be deposited.

He was only rushed to the hospital when his condition had worsened as he was unable to even recognise his wife according to sources.

The health condition of those detained in connection to the crisis in the two-English Speaking regions has been the subject of debate recently with Barrister Felix Nkongho raising alarm last week about a famous case in the North West region.

Published on 10.02.2021

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