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“Kyiv terrain will slow Russian troops”, says Ukraine generals

Russian military troops

Kyiv is feeling the sharp touch of the war more acutely, along with Russia’s destructive firepower.

A nine-storey block of flats was hit by a Russian missile on Monday morning, killing at least one person and wrecking the building, making dozens of Ukrainians homeless. It would have been worse had many residents not taken to shelters.

But the centre of Kyiv and many of its sprawling suburbs are still untouched by Russian weaponry. Other Ukrainian cities are being very heavily shelled, and there have been many casualties.

Kyiv’s remaining citizens – perhaps half have moved to western Ukraine or left the country are facing the possibility that the same brutal experience lies ahead for them.

More than 3000 thousand Ukraines have been evacuated mainly women and children. Meanwhile the men stay back to join the military forces.

On the other hand ,Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says peace talks with Russia are beginning to “sound more realistic and Ukrainian negotiator Mykhailo Podolyak says there are “fundamental contradictions” during the talks but “certainly room for compromise”.

Kyiv officials say Russian forces shelled an apartment block on Wednesday morning, as the city imposes a curfew during “a dangerous moment” this stands for 35hours. More over Russian troops are holding 400 people, including doctors and patients, like hostages” inside a hospital in Mariupol, the deputy.

President Zelensky will address US Congress a little later while US President Joe Biden is expected to announce $800 million of military aid.

In the mean time, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is expected to give a decision today on a lawsuit brought by Ukraine against Russia.

Ukraine formulated a creative legal argument to get this case in front of international judges by using the Geneva Convention to accuse Moscow of using false claims of genocide as a pretext to try to justify an unlawful invasion.

Ukraine is seeking recognition that Russian claims that Ukraine has committed acts of genocide in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts of Ukraine are untrue, and therefore Russian cannot legally, legitimately claim to be intervening to prevent or punish Ukraine for such acts.

Russia didn’t turn up for the hearings. Instead, the Russian ambassador in The Hague sent a letter arguing the lawsuit was “absurd”.

The UN’s top court has limited coercive power and nobody expects Russia to lay down their arms based on what’s said here at the Hague.

But it’s part of a strategy to fight Russian aggression through the courts which could help secure reparations in future legal battles.

Source: BBC

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