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La Francophonie pledges to help seek solutions to Cameroon’s crisis

The International Organisation of La Francophonie has pledged to assist Cameroon seek solutions to the crisis in the North West and South West regions of the country.

This is the outcome of an audience granted the Secretary General of La Francophonie Louise Muskhiwabo by the Head of State Paul Biya on Friday in Yaounde.

At the end of the audience, the Francophonie scribe said the organisation is ready to assist Cameroon overcome its challenges and become the stable country it once was.

“I wanted to offer that the organisation that I lead is ready, willing and happy to contribute in any way possible to the stability of this country and the continuity of the peace that it enjoyed for many years until recently,”the Francophonie sribe said.

Louise Muskhiwabo who has been at the helmn of the organisation since five months disclosed the meeting was an opportunity to meet and share ideas with Cameroon given that it is a major player in the organisation.


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