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Cameroon-Buea: Lady Spills Pepper On her Fiancée’s  Girlfriend After Uncovering His Unfaithfulness 

It is by manipulating the telephone of her companion, that she discovers love messages. Refusing to share her lover with another, she opts for violence as a sign of revenge.

It is quite a dramatic scene that took place in Buea in the South West region of Cameroon a few weeks ago. The population then saw a young girl with the appearance of a model sobbing. Worse still, the latter was naked and indicated feeling a strong pain at the level of her genital organ.
Sources in Buea reveal that it all started with a lady we decided to name Stella who discovered that her companion was having another relationship while they have a child and are about to get married.
Not accepting the unfaithfulness of her child’s father, Stella decides to attack the latter’s second girlfriend by using her companion’s phone to send an invitation to her competitor giving her an appointment to receive a gift.
The girl who will be called in the context of this story, Murielle does not imagine that it is the fiancée of her boyfriend whom she does not know exists who uses the gentleman’s telephone to invite him. It is then that all naively and all beautiful, she will go to the meeting place. Upon arrival, Murielle comes across a group of girls and does not understand what is happening; especially when she sees that one of the girls has rushed to block the gate.
Immediately afterward, like a pack, Stella and her friends beat up Murielle, calling her a bride thief. Subsequently, they took already crushed pepper which they placed within Murielle’s genital area.
And as if that was not enough, Murielle saw herself stripped of her clothes, taken on video by her executioners. The latter went so far as to use Murielle’s phone to put her animated images on her WhatsApp status before evicting her naked from the house.
Stella’s fiancé was informed of what happened and decided to break up with her. In addition, a complaint was filed against Stella and her friends.

Published on 05.05.2023

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