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Lawan Bako: All Thunder, No lightening

The Chairman of little-known United Democratic Party El Hadj Lawan Bako, has made habit of embarking on a relentless media onslaught against Ministers Mbayu Felix and Atanga Nji Paul.

His supporters deserve better

In his latest attack, he accused both ministers of lying to the Head of State about the security situation in the two English speaking regions following the Major National Dialogue.

On the strength of these accusations, he demanded that President Paul Biya punishes both ministers.

It is difficult to think that Lawan Bako does not master how government machinery works. And, it would require a complete lack of imagination to be that ignorant and given that Bako cannot feign such ignorance, it is clear that his motivations are much more sinister, coming from a dark place of bad faith, even if that has come with the not too envious result of reducing him to a ridicule, a joke, a sad punch line.

In the past, Lawan Bako hoodwinked Yaounde as the self-styled spokesperson of the Presidential Majority – ally parties to Paul Biya, the presidential candidate of the CPDM Party.
Basking on a professed following, a lot of people were left stunned years after when it became public information that Lawan Bak, in fact, paid a handful of persons, clothed them in his party colours, and took pictures which he used to deceive the regime into believing his orchestrated popularity.

His antics became ever more glaring in the 2018 presidential election. Without ever leaving his comfort in Bamenda, Lawan Bako claimed to have rallied the population in the Boyo Division to vote for the incumbent, Paul Biya. In reality, Lawan Bako’s party has no credible platform, no strong presence, or deep-set roots to give him or any other person for that matter a meaningful edge.

It is the typical story of all thunder and no lightning. He is not a lightweight; he is worse, he has no mass at all. In the face of such striking irrelevance, Bako has succumbed to seeking notoriety through blackmail and in the denigration of people whose achievements present a stark reminder of his own inadequacies. Increasingly, his venom, often clothe through asinine reports, petitions and awkward, bitter media outings have fastly gained popularity as stuff for the dustbin, even if he insists on recycling them.

A man’s word is his bond but Lawan Bako has no true loyalty, not to his words nor to anyone. He has repeatedly lied to communities, promising to assists children during back-to-school periods; and even Muslims during fasting periods or Christians at the advent of Christmas. Lawan Bako used to purport to be the spokesperson of the Moslem Community in Old Town, Bamenda. That was until his veneer was unmasked and he was tossed aside like toilet paper and the community embraced the selfless visionary leadership of Felix Mbayu.

He bribes journalists to write stories on his fictional humanitarian and political actions. Lawan Bako, compiles these fake reports, translates in French and forwards to the Head of State. He has been doing this for the last three decades. In the meanwhile, Lawan Bako has operated on the philosophy that to reach his desired end, close collaborators to the Head of State must be brought down by whatever means he can devise at the given time. His axe is mostly directed at those collaborators from the Northwest region, especially those from Mezam.

After the acclaimed Major National Dialogue, wherein the Minister Delegate in Charge of Commonwealth in the Ministry of External Relations Felix Mbayu played a key technical role; Lawan Bako attacked him. He told lies – that the reports of the MND sent to the Head of State were doctored, and singled out Felix Mbayu as the author.
Last week, parliament congratulated the Minister of Territorial Administration for taking trips to the field since his appointment. This seems to have nerved Lawan Bako, who has been unable to match the political might and understanding of this two elite from the Northwest region.

His persistent mudslinging at Minister Atanga Nji Paul, have instead promoted his victim.
Lawan Bako looks bitter, mean, and irrelevant and it is just a matter of time before his strategy of relentless blackmail backfires.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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