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Lebialem elites tell youths to down weapons, return from bushes

Meeting in Buea, capital of the South West Region at the Weekend, a group of elites gathered in the name of the people of Lebialem, called on the youths from the Division to down their tools and return from the bushes to resume their normal life.

In what they have termed the “Lebialem Committment”, the elites in the name of the people of Lebialem lamented the sufferings brought about by the ongoing violence in the Division which has forced several persons to flee their homes to the bushes.

The violence, destruction of public and private property as well as loss of human lives could well have been avoided according to the elites, reason why they called on the people of Lebialem to use non violent methods and procedures as they adhere to the acclaimed proposal of dialogue as the only solution to the Anglophone crisis.

After making a proper diagnosis of the situation in Lebialem, the elites came 11 commitments which the think can move the Division forward in seeking solutions to the crisis.

However, the main initiator of the meeting Paul Tasong, Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, left many fuming after declaring in an interview at the end of the event that most Lebialem people are in the bushes because it is a way of life.



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