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Lesotho education officials in Kenya on bench marking tour

A seven person delegation of senior education officials Lesotho will spend a week in the country studying how the government has ensured all school age children get quality learning.The Officials are in the country to study how the Ministry of Education has been implementing the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Code named Kenya Primary Education Development Project (PRIEDE, which supporting Early Grade Mathematics (EGM) public primary school education sub-sector in Kenya at a cost of $88.4 million.

The delegation, led by Chief executive Officer of Secondary education in Lesotho, Bertha M Seutloali, will visit primary and secondary school in Embu and Kirinyaga Counties to see how basic education policy, standards, curricular are implemented at school level.

In a statement on Wednesday,  Kenya Primary Education Development (PRIEDE) Project Coordinator, Martha Ekirapa  said Kenya had attained a pupil to textbook ratio of 1:1 saying this guaranteed quality learning when learners are able to interact with textbook more.

Ms Seutloali said government of Lesotho was reforming its Education system to meet the changing needs of her country and was in Kenya to see how Kenya had addressed universal access to equitable quality education for all children.

She said her government was still grappling with low literacy and numeracy in the early years of learning as well as teacher and pupil absenteeism and transition from primary to secondary education.

Published on 28.04.2020

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